Introducing My New Weekly Digest Newsletter
Jan 2, 2021
1 minute read

Do you want to get interesting links sent directly to your mailbox?

I spent many hours every day reading news, articles, and books. That’s on top of hours of listening to music, watching movies and TV shows, and playing games.

As a result, I’ve gathered a pile of contents that I loved that are too short for a blog post. So far, I’ve only shared those links with friends and family through chat or Facebook.

Now I wanted to open up these curated links to you.

You will receive an email every weekend with several links that I loved with a short description. The main goal is to provide you with a scan-able list so you can decide whether to open the link.

Since this is an entirely new thing for me, I appreciate your feedback on the kind of content that you like or don’t like to see.

To get started, please enter your email address below.